Happy Strap Design

The Happy Strap was designed as an aid for Infants and Children with Hypotonia to assist with control and joint stability at the hips during motor activities and sitting.

It can be worn comfortably over clothes or under baggy pants (or a skirt) as the soft, breathable inside neoprene layer is comfortable against the child’s skin.

Machine Washable. Always close the velcro waistband and then pop it into the washer. Line dry.

Happy Strap Walking

Happy Strap In Action

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Thigh Circumference
Infant to 1 Yr X-Small
Up to 9.4"
Soft Dove Grey 115.00 Ea
1 to 3 Yr Small
9.8 to 12.5"
Soft Dove Grey 115.00 Ea
3 to 5 Yr Medium
12.5 to 15.3"
Soft Dove Grey 115.00 Ea